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Iris Pirchesky, mother and respected counsel of the founder of One World Blue, Joel Pirchesky, has been an advocate and teacher of the special needs for over 25 years working with art therapy and counseling. Iris has a degree in psychology and art therapy and completed an internship at the Western Pennsylvania school for the deaf and school for the blind. Iris has worked with many types of disabilities, among them have been cerebral palsy, traumatic brain injured, the vision and hearing impaired, mental health clients, intellectually challenged individuals, and her specialty being individuals on the Autism spectrum. She has helped countless individuals with her warmth and caring. She currently works with special needs at teen center at the JCC of Pittsburgh.

Iris provides with her skills, art therapy, music therapy, expressive therapy, movement therapy and meditation and guided imagery. She has created a CD for meditation and healing which is available for purchase. It is entitled A Mediation of Prayers and Healing and is available. She will also have additional guided imagery CD's for healing in the near future.

Iris is also Director of Animal Welfare for Blupela. Her love of and compassion for all of the Earth's creatures makes her fitting for this role as the director in charge of all initiatives that deal with Animals and their protection and welfare. She can be reached by email at iris@oneworldblue.com.

What would you do to change the world?

I would like to see that all mankind, all animals, birds, wildlife and every single creation from Heaven live in peace and harmony in the entire world. May we all live side by side in unity as was our Creator's plan from the beginning. May we all have an abundance of clean pure water and partake of every holy nourishment from the Garden of Eden. May Heaven and Earth soon become united as one entity. This is my humble prayer for all to live in peace. Iris Ziff Pirchesky Director of Animal Welfare and Co-founder of One World Blue, LLC

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Created Initiatives

[image for Initiative received_10155827967293590.jpeg]

Cancer treatment for my precious cat

Iris Pirchesky
My best friend and precious 11 year old cat, Bathsheva is in need of chemotherapy and holistic medicine. She was just diagnosed with breast cancer a second time since last September. Surgery is not an option now.
For a donation of $36 or more you will recieve a gift, my cd "A Meditation of Prayers & Healing." This meditation I originally created in 2003 during my recuperation period after breast cancer surgery, chemotherapy and radiation in 2001. I have since been having other health challenges. Some days are good and some days are just fair. I make every day special and very fulfilling. Every day we are here is a gift of life. This meditation is for anyone who has gone through any type of challenge. The power of prayer, meditations, guided imagery, determination, a wonderful sense of humor and positive affirmations were the first steps to my recovery.
Your donation will be greatly appreciated to help improve her immunity, well being and longevity.
Please do help.
Iris Pirchesky, mother and respected counsel of the founder of One World Blue, Joel Pirchesky, has been an advocate and teacher of the special needs for over 25 years working with art therapy and counseling.
Iris, Thank you so very very much for everything. May you be forever blessed and may the Almighty Grant you all of your wishes for Good. May you continue to inspire others and have the blessings to continue your work in doing good deeds for others and being one of Heaven's Helpers here as well on Earth.
Iris has a degree in psychology and art therapy and completed an internship at the Western Pennsylvania school for the deaf and school for the blind. Iris has worked with many types of disabilities, among them have been cerebral palsy, traumatic brain injured, the vision and hearing impaired, mental health clients, intellectually challenged individuals, and her specialty being individuals on the Autism spectrum. She has helped countless individuals with her warmth and caring. She currently works with special needs at teen center at the JCC of Pittsburgh.
Iris provides with her skills, art therapy, music therapy, expressive therapy, movement therapy and meditation and guided imagery. She has created a CD for meditation and healing which is available for purchase. It is entitled A Mediation of Prayers and Healing and is available by contact with her at

Votes2 DateAug 2, 2018

Funded: 0 $0.00 / $5,000.00

[image for Initiative Soffie and Mariah.jpg]

One World Blue Advisory Fund Director of Animal Welfare Iris Ziff Pirchesky

Iris Pirchesky
The One World Blue Corporation is honored to have many diversified advisors that have helped throughout the many years of bringing this network to life, give guidance, support and encouragement and also most importantly their very much needed heartfelt prayers for the success of the corporation to move forward.
Iris Pirchesky, mother and respected counsel of the founder of One World Blue, Joel Pirchesky, has been an advocate and teacher of the special needs for over 25 years working with art therapy and counseling.
Iris, Thank you so very very much for everything. May you be forever blessed and may the Almighty Grant you all of your wishes for Good. May you continue to inspire others and have the blessings to continue your work in doing good deeds for others and being one of Heaven's Helpers here as well on Earth.
Iris has a degree in psychology and art therapy and completed an internship at the Western Pennsylvania school for the deaf and school for the blind. Iris has worked with many types of disabilities, among them have been cerebral palsy, traumatic brain injured, the vision and hearing impaired, mental health clients, intellectually challenged individuals, and her specialty being individuals on the Autism spectrum. She has helped countless individuals with her warmth and caring. She currently works with special needs at teen center at the JCC of Pittsburgh.
Iris provides with her skills, art therapy, music therapy, expressive therapy, movement therapy and meditation and guided imagery. She has created a CD for meditation and healing which is available for purchase. It is entitled A Mediation of Prayers and Healing and is available by contact with her at

Votes4 DateMar 4, 2018

Funded: 10 $455.00

Created Light on the World Spotlights

[image for World Spotlight Taylor2.jpg]

Solstice Honey Moon Opening Heaven on Earth

Iris Pirchesky
Taylor Call
The Communities of Light
The solstice this week was a momentous opening and shift point. May you open deeply to the consciousness of this new level of light and embody Heaven on Earth in miraculous ways.
Below is the link to access the Solstice/Honey Moon Transmission of Light from The Communities of Light.
Please feel free to share this transmission widely. May peace be with you,
Taylor and The Communities of Light

Votes2 DateJun 28, 2016

[image for World Spotlight Carlebach.png]

Reb Shlomo

Iris Pirchesky
Reb Shlomo
Source Wikipedia
Shlomo Carlebach (Hebrew: שלמה קרליבך‎), known as Reb Shlomo to his followers (14 January 1925 – 20 October 1994), was a Jewish rabbi, religious teacher, composer, and singer who was known as "The Singing Rabbi" during his lifetime. Although his roots lay in traditional Orthodox yeshivot, he branched out to create his own style combining Hasidic Judaism, warmth and personal interaction, public concerts, and song-filled synagogue services. At various times he lived in Manhattan, San Francisco, Toronto and Moshav Mevo Modi'im, Israel.
Carlebach is considered by many to be the foremost Jewish religious songwriter of the 20th century.[1][2] In a career that spanned 40 years, he composed thousands of melodies and recorded more than 25 albums that continue to have widespread popularity and appeal. His influence also continues to this day in "Carlebach minyanim" and Jewish religious gatherings in many cities and remote pristine areas around the globe.
Carlebach was also considered a pioneer of the Baal teshuva movement ("returnees to Judaism"), encouraging disenchanted Jewish youth to re-embrace their heritage, using his special style of enlightened teaching, and his melodies, songs, and highly inspiring story telling.
Music Career
Carlebach began writing songs at the end of the 1950s, primarily based on verses from the Tanakh or the Siddur set to his own music. Although he composed thousands of songs, he could not read musical notes. Many of his soulful renderings of Torah verses became standards in the wider Jewish community, including Am Yisrael Chai ("[The] Nation [of] Israel Lives"—composed on behalf of the plight of Soviet Jewry in the mid-1960s), Pitchu Li ("Open [for] Me [the Gates of Righteousness]") and Borchi Nafshi ("[May] My Soul Bless [God]").
The New York Times reported in its obituary of Carlebach that his singing career began in Greenwich Village, where he met Bob Dylan, Pete Seeger and other folk singers who encouraged his career, and helped him get a spot at the Berkeley Folk Festival in 1966.[3] But Carlebach was actually recording well before this and was invited to the festival by one of its organizers after she heard a recording of Carlebach.[9]
After his appearance at the Berkeley Folk Festival he decided to remain in the San Francisco Bay Area to reach out to what he called "lost Jewish souls"—runaways and drug-addicted youth. His local followers opened a center called the House of Love and Prayer in the Inner Richmond district of San Francisco, to reach out to disaffected youth with song and dance and communal gatherings. He became known as "The Singing Rabbi." Through his infectious music and his innate caring many Jews feel that he inspired and reconnected thousands of Jewish youngsters and adults, otherwise lost to Judaism.
Some Carlebach melodies were entered in Israel's annual Hasidic Song Festival.[10] In 1969, his song Ve'haer Eneinu, sung by the Shlosharim won first prize. The Hasidic festivals were a yearly event that helped to popularize his music. He also produced albums with a more liturgical sound. Some of the musicians he worked with during this period added a psychedelic tinge and a wider range of backup instrumentation. Carlebach now spent much of his time in Israel, living in Moshav Me'or Modi'im.
Carlebach's songs were characterized by relatively short melodies and traditional lyrics. His catchy new tunes were easy to learn and became part of the prayer services in many synagogues around the world.[10]
Returning to New York City, Carlebach also became known for his stories and Hasidic teachings. As part of his performances he spoke of inspirational subjects, rooted in Hasidism and Kabbalah. Some of his teachings have been published by his students and appear alongside his recorded songs. Carlebach spread the teachings of Chabad, Breslov, and popularized the writings of, among others, the Rebbe of Ishbitz, Mordechai Yosef Leiner, and Rebbe Kalonymus Kalman Shapira of Piasetzno.
Carlebach became the Rabbi of the Carlebach Shul on West 79th Street. He continued to perform regularly at concerts, and to record various albums of his original melodies.
The Story Teller

Votes3 DateJun 29, 2015

[image for World Spotlight Tim Harris.jpg]

Tim Harris

Iris Pirchesky
The famous quote from Walt Disney, “If you can dream it, you can do it” has been the driving force behind the life of Tim Harris. Born in 1986 with Down Syndrome, Tim’s life has been defined by exceeding expectations and inspiring those around him.
As a 2004 graduate of Eldorado High School in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Tim was elected homecoming king by the highest margin of votes in school history. During graduation week, Tim was also voted Student of the Year by the administration, faculty, and staff.
In his teen years, Tim began to dream of owning his own restaurant. He began working in local restaurants, including Red Robin, where the management had tangible proof that revenue went up during Tim’s shifts. In the fall of 2004, Tim moved to Roswell, New Mexico to attend Eastern New Mexico University. Tim lived in a college dorm and graduated in 2008 with certificates in Food Service, Office Skills and Restaurant Hosting. After college, Tim worked as a host at Applebee’s restaurant and spent time living aboard a sailboat with his parents and traveling throughout the Bahamas.
In October of 2010, the next chapter began and with the help of his family, Tim’s dream of owning his own business came true. Tim’s Place opened its doors in Albuquerque, New Mexico as one of the first and only restaurants to be owned by a man with Down syndrome. Tim’s Place is open daily, serving breakfast, lunch, and hugs.
“I am here to tell you that dreams come true.” Tim Harris
Retrieved on 1/26/15
From the Huffington Post:
Tim Harris and his hugs have made headlines before.
The 28-year-old with Down syndrome is the founder of Tim's Place, "The World's Friendliest Restaurant," in Albuquerque, N.M., where he's known for serving breakfast and lunch with an extra-big hug.
But last year, when Harris' family realized that his birthday fell on National Hug Day (Jan. 21), they knew they wanted to dish out more than just good meals and warm embraces.
So, they hosted the first annual Hug-A-Thon, where Harris hugged more than 1,000 people and raised $6,000 in three days. The money went to Firefighters Random Acts, a nonprofit that enables firefighters to perform random acts of kindness in their community, according to its website.
This year, Harris set a new goal: 2,000 hugs and $10,000. In four days he beat that, according to the Tim's Place Facebook page. He hugged more than 2,000 people and earned $13,000 in donations.
"This is so amazing," Harris says, choking back tears during this year's Hug-A-Thon. "I'm very happy. I have somebody here to love. Everybody, I love every one of you!"
Retrieved on 1/26/15

Votes4 DateJan 26, 2015

[image for World Spotlight Israel Izzy.jpg]

Israel "Iz" Kaʻanoʻi Kamakawiwoʻole

Iris Pirchesky
I am spotlighting Israel Izzy because his soft sweet voice is so peaceful and comforting and creates a very serene meditation place for me.
I have taught my Autistic students to sing these beautiful words while listening to his music. The words are so meaningful and are also very synonymous with the deeper meaning of what One World Blue believes in and stands for, a world of peace, health, happiness and love for all inhabitants and wildlife of our planet.
We are working to create a better world, one in which there is no more war or fighting but only one of peace. A world that is truly somewhere over the rainbow. Thank you Israel for your spirit and love and your contribution to making this Planet a better one. You are truly missed.
With Love,
Iris Pirchesky
Co-Founder One World Blue, LLC
Director of Animal Welfare and Protection
Biography of Israel:
Israel "Iz" Kaʻanoʻi Kamakawiwoʻole (Hawaiian pronunciation: [kəˌmɐkəˌvivoˈʔole]) translation: "The Fearless Eyed"; May 20, 1959 – June 26, 1997), also called Bruddah Iz (Brother Iz), was a Hawaiian musician, entertainer, and sovereignty activist.
His voice became famous outside Hawaii when his album Facing Future was released in 1993. His medley of "Somewhere over the Rainbow/What a Wonderful World" was subsequently featured in several films, television programs, and television commercials.
Through his skillful ukulele playing and incorporation of other genres (such as jazz and reggae), Kamakawiwoʻole remains a very strong influence on Hawaiian music.[1]
Kamakawiwoʻole was born at Kuakini Hospital in Honolulu to Henry Kaleialoha Naniwa Kamakawiwoʻole, Jr., and Evangeline Leinani Kamakawiwoʻole. The notable Hawaiian musician Moe Keale was his uncle. He was raised in the community of Kaimuki, where his parents had met and married. He began playing music with his older brother Skippy and cousin Allen Thornton at the age of 11, being exposed to the music of Hawaiian entertainers of the time such as Peter Moon, Palani Vaughn, and Don Ho, who frequented the establishment where Kamakawiwoʻole's parents worked. Hawaiian musician Del Beazley spoke of the first time he heard Israel play, when, while playing for a graduation party, the whole room fell silent on hearing him.[2] Israel continued his path as his brother Skippy entered the Army in 1971 and cousin Allen parted ways in 1976 for the mainland.
Somewhere Over The Rainbow / What A Wonderful World
In his early teens, he studied at Upward Bound (UB) of the University of Hawaii at Hilo and his family moved to Mākaha. There he met Louis "Moon" Kauakahi, Sam Gray, and Jerome Koko.[3] Together with his brother Skippy they formed the Makaha Sons of Niʻihau. A part of the Hawaiian Renaissance, this talented Hawaiian band's blend of contemporary and traditional styles gained in popularity as they toured Hawaii and the continental United States, releasing fifteen successful albums. Israel's aim was to make music that stayed true to the typical sound of traditional Hawaiian music. During that time period, the songs that many people associated with Hawaii, typically, weren't traditional sounding songs.
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Israel_Kamakawiwo%CA%BBole . Retrieved on December 25th 2014.

Votes6 DateDec 25, 2014

[image for World Spotlight image.jpg]

Dr. Alan Kunschner

Iris Pirchesky
I would like to thank DR. Kunschner who was always there when I needed guidance, support, reassurance, and most of all, confidence that I would be alright. DR. Kunschner was my Angel from the time I was Thirty Eight years old until his untimely passing in 2012. I know that he has a very special place in Heaven and is an Angel for all of those whose Lives he touched. I miss him dearly.
Biography for Dr. Alan Kunschner:
Alan John Kunschner, M.D., who died on Wednesday, May 2, 2012, was born in Carbondale, PA on October 10, 1937. Alan's lifelong passion for learning and science was cultivated through his B.S. at Bucknell University, medical school at the University of Bologna, residency at the University of Pittsburgh, and fellowship at Memorial Sloan Kettering. Alan was a leader and pioneer in the field of gynecologic oncology, in practice for over 30 years at Magee Women's Hospital at the University of Pittsburgh, Allegheny General Hospital, and private practice with Murphy, Kunschner, and Seski Associates on Fifth Avenue in Pittsburgh. He served as Director of Gynecology at the VA Hospital in Pittsburgh from 1978-1989, and received numerous teaching awards, as well as regional, national, and international accolades in his field. A decorated soldier in the U.S. Army, Alan served with the 11th Special Forces Group Airborne Green Berets and reached the rank of Brigadier General of the Medical Corps, providing his vision and leadership for his country for over 40 years. He began his service in the ROTC at Bucknell, participated on the Army Decathlon Team, and served in leadership roles with the 339th Hospital Command, the 99th Army Reserve, and the 2291st Army Hospital Command. Alan was passionate about his family and the time spent with his five children and eight grandchildren. He enjoyed gardening, oysters, fine wine, and world travel, setting foot on all seven continents. He was a gifted athlete and outdoorsman, beginning with varsity soccer at Bucknell, running the New York City marathon, frequent hunting trips to his Venango County cabin and golfing with the Creakers Golf League at Treesdale Country Club, where he was an original member. Alan's passion for Pittsburgh sports could be found (and heard) from the stands at Heinz Field & the Igloo, where he was a long-time Steelers and Penguins season ticket holder and never shy to share his love for Steel City sports with friends and family. Alan touched so many lives through his dedicated medical care, service to his country, and the passion and vigor in which he enjoyed and included friends and family into his hobbies and social activities. One of Alan's most impressive and enduring gifts was his ability to genuinely connect with people of all types. He recognized and appreciated quality, and ensured every intimate detail was accounted for in all of his pursuits, whether commanding an Army unit, doing surgery, or coordinating a Steelers tailgate party.
http://obituaries.expressionstributes.com/?mobile=91d8239524 . Retrieved on 12/20/14

Votes2 DateDec 20, 2014

[image for World Spotlight image.jpg]

Rebbe Menachem Mendel Schneerson

Iris Pirchesky
I have chosen to Spotlight the Rebbe because when I was three years old my parents sent me to the Yeshiva Jewish Day School in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I was in the first class when the Yeshiva was established in Pittsburgh. When my Grandchildren were small I prayed that they would go to the Chabad Yeshiva. My oldest Grandchild is in High School there and will be graduating next year. My youngest Grandchild attends the Grade School. The Rebbe's presence and guidance has been a tremendous blessing in our lives. I am positive that he has had a spiritual impact in the development of One World Blue given the fact that it is known as the Good Network and the Rebbe was all about good.
The following is a biographical excerpt on the Rebbe's life:
Menachem Mendel Schneerson (April 5, 1902 – June 12, 1994), known to many as the Rebbe,[3][4] was an Orthodox rabbi, and the last Lubavitcher Rebbe. He is considered one of the most influential Jewish leaders of the 20th century.[5][6][7][8]
As leader of the Chabad-Lubavitch movement, he "took an insular Hasidic group that almost came to an end with the Holocaust and turned it into one of the most influential and controversial forces in world Jewry,"[9] with an international network of over 3000 educational and social centers.[10][11] The institutions he established include kindergartens, schools, drug-rehabilitation centers, care-homes for the disabled and synagogues.[12]
The Rebbe's published teachings fill more than 300 volumes and he is noted for his contributions to Jewish continuity and religious thought,[13] as well as his wide-ranging contributions to traditional Torah scholarship.[14] He is recognized as the pioneer of Jewish outreach.[15][16]
In 1978, the U.S. Congress designated Rebbe Schneerson's birthday as the national Education Day U.S.A.,[17] honoring his role in establishing the Department of Education as an independent cabinet-level department.[18] In 1994, he was posthumously awarded the Congressional Gold Medal for his "outstanding and lasting contributions toward improvements in world education, morality, and acts of charity."
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Menachem_Mendel_Schneerson . Retrieved on 12/14/14.
Menachem Mendel Schneerson was born on Friday, April 18, 1902, equivalent to 11 Nissan, 5662, in the town of Nikolaev.[20] His father was Rabbi Levi Yitzchak Schneerson, a renowned Talmudic scholar and authority on Kabbalah and Jewish law.[21] His mother was Rebbetzin Chana Schneerson (nee Yanovski). He was named after the third Chabad rebbe, the Tzemach Tzedek, from whom he was descendent in direct paternal lineage.
In 1907, when Menachem Mendel was six years old, the Schneersons moved to Yekatrinislav (today, Dnepropetrovsk), where Rabbi Levi Yitzchak was appointed Chief Rabbi of the city. He served until 1939, when he was exiled by the Soviets to Uzbekistan.[22] Schneerson had two younger brothers, Dov Ber who was murdered in 1944 by Nazi collaborators and Yisrael Aryeh Leib, who died in 1952 while completing doctoral studies at Liverpool University.[20]
Schneerson who was described as a slim boy with blond hair,[23] was gifted with extraordinary intelligence and empathy.[24] During his youth, he received a private education and was tutored by Zalman Vilenkin from 1909 through 1913. When Schneerson was eleven years old, Vilenkin informed the boy's father that he had nothing more to teach his son.[25] At that point, Rabbi Levi Yitzchak began teaching his son Talmud and rabbinic literature, as well as Kabbalah. Schneerson proved gifted in both Talmudic and Kabalistic study and also took exams as an external student of the local Soviet school.[26] He was considered an Illui and genius, and by the time he was seventeen, he had mastered the entire Talmud, some 5,894 pages with all its early commentaries.[27]
Throughout his childhood Schneerson was involved in the affairs of his father's office. He was also said to have acted as an interpreter between the Jewish community and the Russian authorities on a number of occasions.[28] Levi Yitzchak's courage and principles were a guide to his son for the rest of his life. Many years later, when he once reminisced about his youth, Schneerson said "I have the education of the first-born son of the rabbi of Yekatrinoselav. When it comes to saving lives, I speak up whatever other may say."[29]
Schneerson went on to receive separate rabbinical ordinations from the Rogatchover Gaon, Rabbi Yosef Rosen,[30] and the Sridei Aish, Rabbi Yechiel Yaakov Weinberg.[31]
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Menachem_Mendel_Schneerson . Retrieved on 12/14/14.
Schneerson initiated Jewish outreach in the post holocaust era and believed that world Jewry was seeking to learn more about their heritage. He sought to bring Judaism to Jews wherever they were and was the first person in all of history to try reach every Jewish community and every Jew in the world.[15] British Chief Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks said of Schneerson "that if the Nazis searched out every Jew in hate, the Rebbe wished to search out every Jew in love.”[160] He oversaw the building of schools, community centers, and youth camps and created a global network of emissaries, known as Shluchim.
Today there are Shluchim in 49 of the 50 US States, in over 80 countries and 1000 cities around the world, totaling more than 3,600 institutions including some 300 in Israel.[161][162] Chabad is very often the only Jewish presence in a given town or city and it has become the face of Jewish Orthodoxy for the Jewish and general world.[163]
Schneerson's model of Jewish outreach has been imitated by all Jewish movements including the Reform, Conservative, Orthodox and Haredi.[11][164] His published works fill more than 200 volumes and are often used as source text for sermons of both Chabad and non-Chabad rabbis.[14] Beyond the Jewish world, Peggy Noonan has written that moral issues would be better addressed by leaders such as Schneerson then by politicians,[165] and since his death, Schneerson has been referred to as the Rebbe for all people

Votes5 DateDec 14, 2014

[image for World Spotlight Golda Meir.jpg]

Golda Meir

Iris Pirchesky
When the word "greatness" comes to mind, Golda Meir comes immediately to the forefront. Her commitment to her land and to her people was the paragon of human dedication. Her complete involvement, tempered with love, fired by fierce devotion, caused the world to know that she was a true mover of mountains.
Though born in Kiev, Russia, she moved to Milwaukee, Wisconsin with her family in 1906. In 1915, she joined the Labor Zionist Party. In 1917, she married Morris Meyerson and they moved to Tel Aviv (then Palestine) in 1921. Later they became the proud parents of Sarah and Menachem.
Eighteen years ago today (March 7, 1969), Golda Meir was nominated by the Labor Party to be Prime Minister of Israel. She held this esteemed position until 1974. Before Golda Meir became Prime Minister, she was the Foreign Minister for Israel from 1956 to 1965, During her time as Foreign Minister, she had the opportunity to work with the cooperative agricultural and urban planning programs between Israel and Africa. Golda Meir was very proud of her international, as well as domestic work. After this time she became the Secretary General of the Mapai Party. She was Minister of Labor from 1949 to 1956, a position which was her personal favorite, for she had the time to work with and for the people.
Always concerned with her people, Golda Meir, working with the Labor Movement, attended the Zionist Congress in Geneva in 1939, to help ensure protection of European Jews. She was greatly saddened to discover that many Europeans were not as caring as she thought they might be. In 1948, she was part of the People's Council signing the vital proclamation establishing the State of Israel.
One of the hardest days in the life of Golda Meir was October 6, 1973 - the beginning of the Yom Kippur War. It was a great tragedy for Golda Meir. In June, 1974, Golda Meir retired from political life.
Dates and positions do not begin to explain the lasting positive influence of Golda Meir. She is still deeply loved today by her people and by millions more throughout the world. Her dedication to her country and her personal concern for all people are legendary. Whatever Golda Meir did, she did for the people.
If Greatness is given a name, it surely is Golda Meir.
http://www.wic.org/bio/gmeir.htm , retrieved on 12/14/14

Votes3 DateDec 14, 2014

Created Planet Sanctuary Spotlights

[image for Planet Spotlight dillie1.jpg]
Domestic Animals

Votes2 DateNov 4, 2016

[image for Planet Spotlight hqdefault-1.jpg]

Votes1 DateSep 7, 2016

[image for Planet Spotlight Panda-Hug.jpg]

Votes1 DateSep 7, 2016

[image for Planet Spotlight imagesQE4ID8HE.jpg]

Elephant Haven Thailand

Iris Pirchesky
Elephant Nature Park is a unique project set in Chiang Mai province, Northern Thailand. Established in the 1990’s our aim has always been to provide a sanctuary and rescue centre for elephants. The park is located some 60km from the city, and has provided a sanctuary for dozens of distressed elephants from all over Thailand.
Duty of Care
Our duty of care is to all those under the protection of our umbrella. This includes our staff and guests. We host Elephants, cats, dogs, buffaloes and many other rescued species. We owe them all a duty of care and will do our best to provide the best environment possible. We deeply value the contribution made by all which helps us achieve our goals of providing a sanctuary for those who cannot speak for themselves
Elephant Nature Park Mission Statement
1.Sanctuary for endangered species: We provide homes for these animals as well as contributing to their welfare and development.
2.Rain Forest Restoration: One of the most exciting developments at the park is our programme of tree planting the surrounding area. The ecological balance of plants and animals will be encouraged by the re-introduction of the rain forest. Some 25 acres of the mountainside will be planted every year for the first 5 years.
3.Cultural Preservation: To maintain, as much as possible, the cultural integrity of the local community. By creating employment and purchasing agricultural products locally we are assisting the villagers in sustaining their distinct culture. Park managers are recruited locally to oversee the park’s progress.
4.Visitors Education : To educate visitors, individuals, study groups, schools and interested parties. Emphasis on the plight of the endangered local species will be presented in an entertaining and constructive manner. Future phases will include audio / visual equipment and other modern educational aids. It is anticipated that small conferences and workshops will be organised at the park.
5.Act independently : of pressure groups and political movements that we consider contrary to the well being of the park and the creatures in its care.
Press Coverage
The park has received numerous awards from institutions including the Smithsonian. The founder was named Asian Hero of the Year by Time magazine in 2005 and the park has been featured in many international publications including National Geographic magazine as well as feature documentaries from respected film production companies – Discovery Channel, National Geographic, Animal Planet, BBC, CNN, KTV, RAI, major Thai language TV channels, printed press and radio stations.

Votes2 DateJul 27, 2016

[image for Planet Spotlight Palm.jpg]

In Your Palm

Iris Pirchesky
It is in Your Palm to Save the Rainforest
There are only 60,600 wild orangutans left. Will you stand with them?
We're collecting 60,600 names to send to 20 snack food companies using "Conflict Palm Oil" in their products, one for every known wild orangutan remaining. Tell the Snack Food 20 you don't want Conflict Palm Oil in your food!
Send your message: Tell the Snack Food 20 to cut Conflict Palm Oil, not rainforests!
Learn more about Conflict Palm Oil
Watch the video: AMAZING! Orangutan asks girl for help in sign language
Join RAN's Palm Oil Action Team!
To Learn more Please visit here:

Votes2 DateJun 30, 2016

[image for Planet Spotlight imagesL78H5II7.jpg]

More Than 70 Horses Rescued

Iris Pirchesky
After days of warnings that flooding was imminent in Harris County, some horse owners apparently still missed the point. Or at least that's what can be surmised based on the fact that dozens of horses were stranded in high waters on Monday as one of the worst floods in Houston's history swept through the area.
On Monday morning, more than 70 horses were trapped at the Cypress Trails Equestrian Center by the rising floodwaters, according to a video posted on Facebook by Spring Happenings. When news of the trapped horses broke, people arrived with boats and horse trailers to rescue the animals. People were jumping into the swiftly moving water to try to bring the animals safely to higher ground, according to the video and various reports.

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[image for Planet Spotlight Pankun Ice Cream.png]
Domestic Animals

Pankun Eats Ice Cream

Iris Pirchesky
HAPPY 2016

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[image for Planet Spotlight Monkey1.jpg]
Domestic Animals

Monkey Helps Dogs to Cross River

Iris Pirchesky
HAPPY 2016

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[image for Planet Spotlight John2.jpg]
Domestic Animals

That Guy With The Birds!!

Iris Pirchesky
Dear John,
My Special Friend and Someone who we Admire so so Very Much:
My son, Joel Pirchesky, founder and CEO of this wonderful network Blupela.com, of which we spoke with you about this dream so long ago, myself Iris Pirchesky, and the whole One World Blue Community want to wish you the very very best for 2016 and many years to come.
You are in our prayers and we wish you a speedy and quick recovery so you may go back to the holy and very important work you do in taking care of G-d's creations.
You are so very very special to me and many many people and of course so very very special to all of the incredible souls you take care of with the parrots and numerous birds you look after who are all Angels to G-d.
Thank you so very very much from the bottom of my heart.
When I myself went through treatment those many years ago, you were so kind to take in and rescue three of my precious birds I was not able to take care of:
I miss them so much but I know you have taken such incredible care of them, like no one else could.
Our Prayers are with you from all of us for a speedy recovery in 2016.
May you live a long long healthy life and continue to be a keeper of the Earth of G-d's holy creations.
Much Love,
Iris Pirchesky
Director of Animal Welfare for the One World Blue Corporation
From John's Website, Please Blupela Community See below and if you are able please follow the link to the GoFundMe Page that has been set up to help John in his recovery.
Thank you all so very much. May you also be blessed with a wonderful 2016
A little bump in the road
Hi everyone. For those of you who don't know me, my name is Ken Sprouse Jr and I help maintain the "That Guy With The Birds" website as well as this Facebook page for John Lege who IS That Guy With The Birds.
John has recently been diagnosed with bladder cancer and I have setup a "Go Fund Me Page" to help him out. I would really appreciate if everyone would take the time to look at the page, read the story behind John and then of course if you would be so kind, donate and help a true, kind hearted friend out.
Johns surgery was a complete success! He is now in the process of Chemotherapy and looks forward to a full recovery!
Note from John-
I don't have the words to thank all who have sent so many prayers....the kindest of words and show how much you care about myself and the birds. We are limited in the number of shows we can do at this time, but we'll be back strong very soon. Sincere Thanks, John Lege-That Guy With The Birds!
About John
As a child John developed a passion for birds.
As an adult the passion continues.
John has volunteered his time at the Pittsburgh National Aviary
and Is a member of PEAC.(Pittsburgh Education & Adoption Center)
John has also been featured on WQED Multimedia "On Q Magazine" and KDKA Pittsburgh TODAY Live.
Through a program developed by John, he is able to reach out to anyone.......
from children to adults from schools to nursing homes.
With music - magic - and hands on interaction, be a part of this educational experience an up close adventure with these awesomely intelligent creatures!
Retrived from:
What People Say About John
Here is just some of the wonderful feedback that John has received!
Bernie Erb-11/29/13
John and his birds were here again today at Baptist Homes, Mt. Lebanon, and the residents (and staff) loved every second of his show. John's show is "jaw dropping" and "eye popping"! We can not get enough of him and his wonderful birds! Thank you, John and all you Sweethearts!
Janet Hinkley-11/17/13
The many birds were gorgeous and so healthy looking and the show was amazing! I was so impressed that the birds had no clipped wings and yet they stayed where they were supposed to without flying away. It was exciting to hold one of the beautiful macaws. The show was very educational.
Karin Galligan-10/06/13
Thank you, John, for a wonderful and very interesting show today at the Hickory Apple Festival in PA. You made learning fun for kids and adults alike. Your caring for and skill with the birds was awesome. I've never seen such beautiful and happy birds. Your rescue deserves every support. I'll be forwarding your information to our school in the hopes that they will invite you for a show. A big thanks for sharing Poppy the Beautiful with us; my daughter and I loved cuddling with her and it will be an experience we will never forget.
Barbara Robinson-09/22/13
I was fortunate enough to see your show at the Fredericksburg Expo Center on Sept. 22, 2013. I found your show both entertaining and very educational. I was amazed at the calmness of your birds amidst all the barking of dogs, squeeling of children and general activities all around them. I have an umbrella cockatoo, two lovebirds and a green cheek conure. Thank You for sharing your birds with us and it was heartwarming to see the love your birds have for you.
Casey Rendick-09/09/13
What a wonderful addition the birds made to our festival. Children and adults alike loved the shows. Mr. Lege was kind enough to let everyone hold and take pictures with his beautiful parrots. Please come back again. Pennsboro Country Roads Festival.
Traci Wargo-08/23/13
Hi John, I recently saw you at Strabane Woods (I'm an employee there) ... and I just loved seeing all the birds you brought to our facility! I wish I would've had more time to see your show, but at least I had time to look at your birds and ask you a question -- which you didn't even mind answering even though I thought I interupted you! I'm the one who asked about my Macaw laying eggs -- thank you so much for the information you gave me. You have a such a great heart! Thank you John so much.
John Kurpiewski-08/19/13
Talked with him after a great event at Cedar Pk very dedicated person with his birds smart too Hope to learn more from him soon
Carrie Didier 3/12/13
I just wanted to say thank you for rescuing and taking in those wonderful birds. I just saw your website from a link for the chicago pet fair and I saw your wonderful pictures. I have a cockatiel- I have always liked birds, but it wasn't until LuLu came into my life that I grew a real appreciation of their different personalities, interests, and range of emotions. Keep up the wonderful work!
From:Palos Park, IL
Tracy laux 3/8/13
Thank you for being available when I have questions about my Indian ringneck parakeet Sam and concerns about my friends blue and gold macaw Frankie. You have been a real lifesaver.thanks.
From:Bridgeville pa
Laurie Stadther 9/23/12
It was so nice meeting you today! Thank you so much for all the excellent information. Can't wait to try out some of the things you recommended for my birds. It's always great to meet a fellow bird- enthusiast! Thanks again!
From:Berkley, MI
Joe 9/21/12
I saw your show twice tonight (9-21-12) at the novi expo center and it was GREAT! Such cool birds, great show, and just a fantastic thing you're doing by rescuing birds. Keep it up and thank you!
From:detroit/Ann Arbor areas
Heather J. Conway 6/28/12
The show you put on of The Cub's Den a child care center at Penn State Fayette was GREAT I loved it. The show was geared for young children as little as a year old up to even the Adults. I had never experienced anything like this in my life. There were birds that did tricks, the children were involved and even birds you could hold. It was AMAZING LOVED THE SHOW.
Joyce Weiss 5/13/12
Bird guy, we saw you at Apollo high school. We all enjoyed your show and display of the beautiful birds. The kids had me print the pictures so they could take them to school. Very informative and enjoyable show. We're gald we came.
From: Elderton PA
Astrid 12/22/11
We just saw you at Highcliff Elementary. Both my boys, a 4th and a 5th grader were in awe of the birds and how good they were. My 4th grader said he wanted to do what you do when he grows up and rescue birds. He told his Dad all about the birds you rescued. Both boys really enjoyed the show. Thank you for all you do!!
Danelle Houslak 12/4/11
Mr. Lege, Womderful show with the birds. My kids couldn't believe how well trained they are. My little one made me print the picture with the blue bird on her head so she could take it to school for her friends to see. Thanks for what you do in saving the beautiful birds.
From:Plum Pa.
Mark 9/11/11
Mr. John. What an amazing show you put on for us. Both children and adults enjoyed the entire show. The bird and you put out a great message. God bless you in your work with these awesome birds.
From:Franklin Park
Pauline Hampshire 8/7/11
Got to see your show at our church picnic and enjoyed it very much. I loved the fact that it was so informative. When you showed the picture of the parrot who had pulled out her own feathers and then she presented herself to us ....wings outstretched - my eyes filled with tears. How magnificent ! How they all must love you. God bless you in your work.
Olesia 7/13/11
Thank you for your appearance at the Community Center in Crafton, PA Monday, July 18, 2011. Your show was a true delight and very educational. My 4 year old daughter, my husband and I enjoyed the entire show. Thank you!
From:Crafton, PA
Dave Gesten 1/6/11
I met you at the jungle safari. I must say excellent show with the parrots. My son was wondering if you were back the next day. We loved it. It was the hit of the evening. Thanks for being there and sharing. Dave and family. Happy new year.
From:Sharon Pa
Gwen 11/6/10
John, you are one awesome individual ! Your heart is amazing ! Your birds are beautiful and I can't imagine how people can abuse and neglect them. I hope to see you again. Keep up the great work!
From:Lower Burrell
Jeni and Skyler 9/30/10
We loved your bird show at the Clarion mall this past week. My son just loved the world of birds you brought to this small town. My family owned many birds while I was growing up. We did a rescue of our own. We had 50 finches in a giant aviary in our living room. We had about 50 parakeets in a giant aviary. We had tons of other parrots and such. Mostly all rescues. We had a lot of the mean, abused birds that people just wanted out of their homes. I wish we could have done the spectacular things you have with your birds. Unfortunately I was too young to make those decisions at my house. Bravo to all your dedication. You are a fascinating person and have fascinating friends! I hope to see more of your shows again. Thank you tons!
From:Clarion, PA area
Carl Mantz 7/23/10
Don't know how you do it, but it's great. I'm handicapped and in a wheelchair and want to thank you for taking the time to let me hold your birds. I never realized how beautiful the parrots are until I was able to get close to them. Bless you in your venture and continue making people happy. Carl
From:Prospect Pa

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Sandwichmonkey Monkey stole and ate a sandwich

Iris Pirchesky
Sandwich Monkey
Don't turn your back or it will be gone

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[image for Planet Spotlight Bambi and Bobcat.png]

Bambi and Bobcat

Iris Pirchesky
Bambi and Bobcat

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[image for Planet Spotlight Dolphins.jpg]

Dolphins and Whales

Iris Pirchesky
Science Bulletins: Whales Give Dolphins a Lift

Votes4 DateMay 6, 2015

[image for Planet Spotlight Bald Eagle.jpg]

Patriot the Bald Eagle Takes a Bath

Iris Pirchesky
Patriot the Bald Eagle Takes a Bath

Votes3 DateMay 6, 2015

Created Light of Culture Spotlights

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Middle East

Istanbul, Turkey

Iris Pirchesky
Istanbul, Turkey

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Bnai Emunah Chabad

Dec 1, 2019 @ 11:59:43 pm

Funded: $18.00

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Blue World Water Project Uganda - One World Blue Sponsored Project

Aug 8, 2019 @ 11:24:34 am

Funded: $26.00
Incentive: One Purifier to save One Family

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Bringing Light to Ukraine

Mar 27, 2018 @ 09:48:15 pm

Funded: $36.00

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One World Blue Network

Oct 22, 2017 @ 11:33:23 pm

Funded: $30.00
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Bringing Light to Ukraine

Sep 4, 2017 @ 10:50:24 pm

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Humla Nursing Education Project

Nov 18, 2015 @ 01:55:54 pm

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Tzfat Charity Fund of Nadvorna

Nov 18, 2015 @ 01:14:32 pm

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Pittsburgh's 50 Finest 2015

Apr 12, 2015 @ 02:54:11 pm

Funded: $25.00

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Tzfat Charity Fund of Nadvorna

Mar 5, 2015 @ 05:56:33 pm

Funded: $18.00

Feb 9, 2015 @ 11:31:10 am

Funded: $25.00

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Yeshiva Shalom Rav

Jan 29, 2015 @ 11:28:17 pm

Funded: $36.00

[image for culture spotlight image.jpg]

Meghan's World Race

Jan 27, 2015 @ 11:50:39 am

Funded: $40.00

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Tzfat Charity Fund of Nadvorna

Jan 20, 2015 @ 07:11:28 pm

Funded: $100.00

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No More Troubles - Bob Marley Tribute for Peace May 31, 2016 @ 11:20:36 pm
Donovan Livingston Address to Harvard School of Education Class of 2016 May 31, 2016 @ 11:20:20 pm
Chaim Ben Avigdor May 31, 2016 @ 11:19:48 pm
More Than 70 Horses Rescued May 22, 2016 @ 10:15:13 pm
Bodhidharma May 1, 2016 @ 11:01:23 pm
The Doves of Nemerov Apr 28, 2016 @ 07:50:37 pm
Rabbe Elimelech of Lizensk Apr 28, 2016 @ 07:50:03 pm
Communication: Space Making Apr 28, 2016 @ 07:49:39 pm
Pankun Eats Ice Cream Feb 9, 2016 @ 01:33:46 am
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The Infinitely Cosmic and Fabulous Adventures of Mr. Buckethead Feb 1, 2016 @ 07:11:57 pm
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Chiropractic The Documentary Jan 30, 2016 @ 10:56:42 pm
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A Moment of Enlightenment Jan 4, 2016 @ 12:49:37 am
That Guy With The Birds!! Jan 1, 2016 @ 10:24:42 am
Pamela Booton Dec 23, 2015 @ 09:10:37 am
Hiking the Iyon Stream and the Tanur Waterfall twice Dec 7, 2015 @ 11:36:15 am
1Hood Dec 7, 2015 @ 11:34:57 am
Luke Millett Dec 7, 2015 @ 11:34:37 am
Natural Chi Healing Dec 4, 2015 @ 04:19:14 pm
Food Project Nov 24, 2015 @ 03:54:41 pm
Humla Nursing Education Project Nov 18, 2015 @ 01:53:17 pm
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Single Family Rehab Construction Program Nov 17, 2015 @ 08:25:27 pm
Mike Stout and the Human Union Nov 12, 2015 @ 07:49:59 am
Stop the Madness Nov 12, 2015 @ 07:37:21 am
Sophie Rousmaniere Jay Minton Nov 4, 2015 @ 10:08:13 am
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Dr. Maya Angelou Oct 27, 2015 @ 01:50:04 pm
Denny Strauser, Sound Engineer Oct 12, 2015 @ 07:52:35 pm
Hope Orphans Home Oct 11, 2015 @ 12:52:26 am
Kindworks Oct 11, 2015 @ 12:51:42 am
Place Teacher’s Aides, back into the Classrooms Oct 11, 2015 @ 12:50:28 am
Pittsburgh Sportsline TV show Oct 10, 2015 @ 11:48:51 pm
15000 species are found on our planet every year Sep 1, 2015 @ 10:24:56 pm
Ibrahim, the Coach on the Wheelchair Sep 1, 2015 @ 10:24:38 pm
Tzfat Charity Fund of Nadvorna Sep 1, 2015 @ 10:23:47 pm
Save the elephant Aug 21, 2015 @ 02:06:09 pm
The wild chickens of Kauai Aug 19, 2015 @ 05:50:04 pm
Ceresav.org Aug 18, 2015 @ 08:13:16 pm
Istanbul, Turkey Jul 28, 2015 @ 11:20:49 am
child protection Jul 28, 2015 @ 11:05:59 am
Sandwichmonkey Monkey stole and ate a sandwich Jul 28, 2015 @ 10:45:19 am
Hluhluwe-Imfolozi Game Park Part 3 Jul 24, 2015 @ 05:01:05 pm
Chani Star Jul 24, 2015 @ 05:00:15 pm
Reb Shlomo Jun 29, 2015 @ 05:13:50 pm
Bambi and Bobcat Jun 23, 2015 @ 03:02:49 pm
Dolphins and Whales May 6, 2015 @ 01:02:10 pm
Patriot the Bald Eagle Takes a Bath May 6, 2015 @ 07:12:37 am
Toddler plays with Gorilla May 6, 2015 @ 06:47:38 am
Issa Nyaphaga Apr 12, 2015 @ 03:01:09 pm
Georges Bwele Apr 12, 2015 @ 03:00:43 pm
Prof PLO Lumumba Apr 12, 2015 @ 03:00:15 pm
No More Excuses Richie Parker (Guy With No Arms) Of Hendrick Motorsports Inspirational Video Apr 12, 2015 @ 02:59:51 pm
Bill Strickland Apr 12, 2015 @ 02:59:11 pm
Music for Menri Apr 12, 2015 @ 02:58:26 pm
Removing Racism: Everyday Speech Apr 12, 2015 @ 02:58:15 pm
Pittsburgh's 50 Finest 2015 Apr 12, 2015 @ 02:55:56 pm
Maajid Nawaz Mar 28, 2015 @ 11:06:21 pm
No Time to Sleep Mar 28, 2015 @ 10:52:26 pm
Transforming Generations through Education Feb 9, 2015 @ 11:11:16 am
Jane Goodall Feb 2, 2015 @ 12:29:53 pm
Mel Brooks Jan 30, 2015 @ 03:36:27 pm
Material World Charitble Foundation Jan 26, 2015 @ 06:13:39 pm
Tim Harris Jan 26, 2015 @ 05:19:50 pm
Rabbi Rafael Weingot Jan 22, 2015 @ 09:48:39 pm
Powerful Leaders Jan 22, 2015 @ 09:48:28 pm
Bright Kids Uganda Jan 22, 2015 @ 09:48:09 pm
Great Attitude Jan 22, 2015 @ 09:47:48 pm
Brenda Vance Jan 21, 2015 @ 07:06:25 am
Israel "Iz" Kaʻanoʻi Kamakawiwoʻole Dec 25, 2014 @ 09:42:50 pm
Dr. Alan Kunschner Dec 20, 2014 @ 09:57:37 pm
Rebbe Menachem Mendel Schneerson Dec 14, 2014 @ 09:14:54 pm
Rebbe Menachem Mendel Schneerson Dec 14, 2014 @ 09:13:54 pm
Golda Meir Dec 14, 2014 @ 12:27:56 am

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The Music of Alan Blade
Lion Adventure Travels
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The Art of Theo
Martin Luther King Day
Pittsburgh Sportsline TV show
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