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Help yourself as you help others create quality projects, INITIATIVES, on Blupela.com
Receive financial compensation for each Initiative created that has raised funds.
Build a network and community
Be part of a movement that is changing and healing the world one good deed at a time.
Become a Project Ambassador.
Just refer one Initiative per month and Spotlight one individual!*

*Blupela “Project Ambassadors” (PA) are Independent Contractors with One World Blue LLC for the purposes of referring or reselling Initiatives.  To maintain Project Ambassador Status, and receive payment, PAs must submit at least one Initiative per month through their account or as a referral AND create or submit at least one Spotlight.  Before payment is made, PAs must accrue at least $100 in commission from their referrals.  Commission is based upon the current “Commission Rates” with One World Blue LLC.

NOTES:  Sales contractors must be experienced with the site.  Minimum 1-2 Initiatives and 1-2 Spotlights per month. Commission ~15% of profit for initiatives that are referred and raise funds for up to one year.
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