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Welcome to One World Blue

One World Blue is a Global Platform where we share stories of people who have made a difference and changed the world to become a better place. Led by CEO and Founder Joel Pirchesky MPPM, One World Blue promises to deliver to you something exceptional and inspirational!

We drive stories regionally through social media as well as nationally and on an international stage for the most exposure and connections with individuals from all over the world. We have aligned with Wendy Bell formerly of WTAE Pittsburgh and now with KDKA and we are one of the Nation’s largest Platforms for Sharing Stories of Inspiration and Social Good.

We share inspirational stories like yours where we drive them to maximize the most possible potential to have a story told. The use of this technology will allow us to continue to inspire and uplift individuals in a day and age where everyone relies on the digital space.

Your story will touch lives which will bring understanding to those who read and share it. We would welcome the opportunity to meet with you to discuss the possibility of sharing your life’s story and vision you have created. Your story will be shared along with other successful people who are also part of our network.

Please also know that our company structure is one in which we are walking the walk as well and we are giving 15 to 20 % of our company profit to both local, national and international charities.

So why One World Blue?

Well what do you see when looking from the moon at the Earth? Does that answer your question? Originally founded in 2005, One World Blue, LLC, has been building something online that is different from all the rest because we care and we are bringing goodness to the Earth with the quality spotlights and projects you will see on our network.

OneWorldBlue.com is The One World Blue Network for Social and Planetary Healing. We are a social media and crowdfunding platform for creating greater Social Harmony and a better world One Good Deed at a Time. This Network is a place to See Good, Share Good and Do Good. It is a Global Forum for Social Healing, conservation of our planet, cultural diversity, and the facilitation of peace between people and community.

One World Blue is committed to social harmony, the support and education of wholesome and healthy ecosystems, protection of wildlife and the Earth's resources, and the appreciation and celebration of all people and culture in the world. One World Blue believes in equality for all human beings and we may be branded The One World Blue Network, the Social Network for Social and Planetary Healing.

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