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As a practical answer: First; each individual must count the good things that they have in their life and stop focusing on the negative things. There will always be both good and bad in everyone's life. Whichever you focus on will determine your mental state, your outlook, and that will greatly influence the way you treat others. Next; Know that we are all on a journey, a journey that goes on past this life in this world. This world is where we create our portions in the next. Pack your bags carefully.

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Getting Stoned

Gutman Locks
In the Torah, Stoning is the most severe method of capital punishment¦i.e. being stoned to death with stones for having committed a capital offense. In todays culture it refers to smoking marijuana or most widely known as grass or weed. In my day, it was called dope (for a good reason).
I was asked by a recent baal teshuva (returnee to a Torah life) if it is alright to smoke grass once in a while¦ just to take a break. It is hard from them to take a no answer without a lot of good reasons. This is some of what I told him.
When you smoke grass you get a high feeling. Well, you call it high, but the truth is it is a low feeling that fools you into thinking it is high. For instance, when you are stoned one of the things that happens is you get the munchies. This means if you are stoned and there is a chocolate bar on the table you will munch it down in no more than thirteen seconds, and you will be so blown away by how great it tastes you will look for at least three of four more chocolate bars to woof down, too.
You think that the grass is showing you how good the candy really is, but that is not what is happening. When you are stoned the grass enhances your animal inclination which fools you into thinking that the candy tastes better, but it is the same candy bar whether you are stoned or not.
Whats wrong with taking a break from the sensible world? Our job is to seek the spiritual truth not to enhance the animal that we are trying to control.
What is the real problem with this entire issue?
I have a friend who lives in Jerusalem who has been coming to the Kotel every day stoned for the past thirty years. He walks up to the Wall, stands there, stares at the stones for a few seconds, and then with his mouth hanging open, swinging his head back and forth, right to left and back again, with total amazement says, Wow, dont you see it man? Wow!
Now, what is the real problem if someone wants to have a good time and get stoned at the Kotel. The problem is he has the munchies on the Stones. He is not seeing the actual spiritual reality that is there. His animal inclination is being exaggerated, magnified and he is getting off on, totally satisfied with the distorted view he is getting because of the drug.
The sad fact with this entire trap is since he has been so blown away with the drug experience for these thirty years he has never done the spiritual work he should have been doing all these years, so he is in the same place (or lower) that he was thirty years ago. So sad. He is a nice guy, but the grass has turned him into a dope.
It is essential for a Jew to find his or her spiritual joy in the Torah, and not from alternative sources. Our true joy is in finding our Creator, not in entertaining our animal inclination.

Votes1 DateNov 1, 2016

[image for World Spotlight gutman1.jpg]

It is so Nice

Gutman Locks
I have to leave the Old City for a couple of hours once every two or three months. Other than that I am at the Kotel or in the Rova (Quarter). When I return the beauty of the Old City Wall and all that it stands for welcomes me.
Thirty thankful years, thankful for the privilege of being here to experience the holiness that increases every day. Thank G-d.

Votes1 DateOct 19, 2016

[image for World Spotlight TM.jpg]

TM vs. Jewish Meditation

Gutman Locks
TM vs. Jewish Meditation
David asks:
I sometimes do meditation repeating a non-word sound as a mantra as taught in TM (transcendental meditation). Can you suggest an alternative mantra? Since I do not know Hebrew something in Hebrew could be used for the sound value.
Shalom David
Mantra meditation is a form of Eastern meditation and as such it will not accomplish the goal of Jewish meditation. Mantra meditation takes a word or a sound and repeats it endlessly trying to wipe out, or cover over the normal thought pattern that a person experiences. When thoughts are fast and furious, one repeats his mantra just as fast. Then, when the mind is quieter, one repeats the mantra more quietly with the hope of stilling, or at least calming the mind.
The goal of Jewish mediation is much higher than merely calming the mind. Yes we want to calm our minds, but this is not enough. Instead of trying to merely blot out, or cover over our thoughts, we try to turn our thoughts onto holy subjects. Our goal is to use our meditation techniques to try to gain a spiritual sensitivity, an awareness that will help us attain a proper spiritual perspective.
For more detailed information see my recent video on this subject.
Direct Your Heart to Heaven - Jewish Meditation
If you still wish to continue using a mantra then I would recommend you using the Hebrew word Hashem. Hashem literally means, The Name. It refers to the most holy name of G-d, a name that is too holy for us to pronounce lest we come to use it for mundane purposes. Say (or think) the word slowly and repeat it and once in a while remember that you are that you are mentally calling out to G-d. So do not just keep calling out without stopping from time to time to say something to the Holy One you are calling.
Be well

Votes1 DateSep 15, 2016

[image for World Spotlight images.jpggut1.jpg]

The Mystical Silence

Gutman Locks
The Mystical Silence
There is a mystical silence so startling that it is likened to a scream. It is so strong that when you experience it, it is felt, almost physically, but there is no sound, no movement, just a palpable stillness. It is empty, but something very noticeable is there. It feels like a threshold, as if you are about to experience something holy.
To look for it sit in a quiet space and listen with both ears. Do not close your eyes. Try to hear something that is there but very quiet. If you begin to succeed your eyes might look upwards searching in the emptiness, yearning for the mystical experience that we can sense is there, but can never grasp.
“Of You silence is praise”[i]
When the world is still, there is an opportunity, a moment to see something that has always been here but we had not been aware of. In silence there nothing to distract.
“Commune with your heart upon your bed and be still.”[ii]
[i] Psalms 65:1
[ii] Psalms 4:5

Votes1 DateAug 12, 2016

[image for World Spotlight Gutman1.jpg]

Votes1 DateJul 27, 2016

[image for World Spotlight imagesUGUQJC1H.jpg]

The Hills of Jerusalem

Gutman Locks
The Hills of Jerusalem
A young, non-Jewish man came up to me at the Kotel and told me that he keeps the Seven Commandments of Noah but he feels that he would be better off if he converted and became a Jew.
“You should become the best possible you. This means that G-d created you a gentile so there is no need to try to become a Jew. You should fulfill what G-d gave you.”
He walked away but then came back later and asked, “If you knew that there was a unique nation in the world, one better than the one you are from, would you want to join that nation?”
“No. I want to be the best that G-d made me. G-d made me a Jew so I want to be the best Jew I possibly can be.”
He seemed to understand my point.
It is like this wonderful, Holy Land that G-d has given to us. What if I heard that another land had more water, or more produce, or a better climate, would I want to move there? G-d forbid. This is where G-d told me to be. This is where I want to live. I want to breathe the air here and walk on this holy ground. This is where I will thrive the best … here in the place that Hashem has chosen for me. I will be far better off here than anyplace that I would choose for myself.

Votes1 DateJul 21, 2016

[image for World Spotlight imagesF0BOKYSV.jpg]

On Loan

Gutman Locks
On Loan
A young friend of mine from London is visiting Jerusalem. He is the rabbi of a shul there. He asked, “I have someone in my congregation who will only agree to anything if I can show him where it is written in the Torah. He wants to know where it is written in the Torah that it is forbidden to cremate a Jew’s body.”
I answered, “It says it clearly. The body comes from the earth and it shall return to the earth. You are not allowed to destroy it. It is not even yours. It’s on loan until the end of your time here and then it goes back to where it came from.”
“But where does it say that you are not allowed to cremate it?”
“I told you, ‘…you were made from the dust and to the dust you shall return.’”[i] If someone is cremated, their body does not return to dust.
“Tell him that he can’t expect to see everything so very clearly spelled out that he doesn’t need a footnote to help him. Like the day I did teshuva 40 years ago. I read that we are to take the money for a certain tithe, “bind it” to our hand, and bring it to Jerusalem. I didn’t know that the expression ‘bind it to your hand’ means ‘don’t spend the money on the way’. So I took a piece of string and I tied the money to my hand and came to Jerusalem!”
Without the Oral Torah, the Talmud, we would not even know what tefillin look like or tzitzis or most of the mitzvahs.
[i] Genesis 3:19 “…until you return to the ground from which you were taken: For you are dust and to the dust you shall return.”

Votes1 DateJul 19, 2016

[image for World Spotlight Gutman2.jpg]

The Most Mystical Question of All

Gutman Locks
The Most Mystical Question of All
Ilan asked:
I read that just as Hashem was alone before creation so is He alone now.
How can He be alone if He has us, or at least the tzaddikim? [righteous people]
I read that He is all alone!
Gutman's response:
Your question can be answered by simply adding a comma. He is all alone should be written He is all, alone.
Hashem is alone because He is all. The Infinite has to be all, or else It would not be Infinite. There can be nothing other than the Infinite.
Yet, even though the Infinite is all, still, there are finite entities, (like you and me) but these do not interfere with the Infinite being unlimited because the Infinite includes the finite.
This is the actual meaning of One in the Shema, Hear O Israel the L-rd our G-d the L-rd is One. It does not mean one in the numerical sense of one, two, three. It means only.
This lesson is taught openly in the Torah and even though we say it several times a day,[i] since it is so very mystical, few grasp its actual meaning.
The Torah says, “He is the G-d; there is nothing else besides Him.”[ii] Why does the Torah need to add besides Him? It could have simply said there is nothing else. The Torah is addressing the fact that we do see other things that are obviously not Him, the creation is in fact here. And it comes to tell us that even though there are these other things, still, these other things are not besides Him.
Then, the highest perspective of all does not even suggest there is anything besides Him. “Know this day and take it to your heart that the L-rd is G-d, in the Heavens above and upon the earth below, there is nothing else.”[iii] There is nothing else than G-d. He is all, alone.
What is the Infinite?

Votes1 DateJul 7, 2016

[image for World Spotlight Gut1.jpg]

Why Be Happy?

Gutman Locks
When doing a mitzvah it is essential to be happy. If we do not experience joy when we are serving Hashem our service will, G-d forbid, become a burden.
All the more so, when we are trying to help other Jews to fulfill their spiritual purpose do we have to do it in such a way that brings them joy. Joy endears the mitzvahs to them and this will bring them to do another mitzvah.
This is not referring to the joy of telling them jokes or giving them cookies. When we show them how a mitzvah opens the Gate to Heaven, that fulfilling a mitzvah produces a time of favor and since they listened to Hashem and did what He said, now He is going to listen to what they say and then showing them how to open their hearts by speaking intimately to Hashem all this brings a spiritual awareness and satisfaction, and this satisfaction brings a unique joy.
Mitzvahs are tools that we have been given that allow us to accomplish something unique in creation. In this entire, huge Universe only a tiny human being can choose to serve G-d.

Votes1 DateJun 30, 2016

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Votes1 DateJun 20, 2016

[image for World Spotlight Candle1.jpg]

Don’t Blow It!

Gutman Locks
When you want to extinguish a flame, be it of a candle, or a match, or whatever, do not blow it out with your breath. You can shake it out, or wave your open hand quickly close by it, or if in a safe place, throw it to the ground.
The word for breath in Hebrew is Neshama. Neshama is also the name of one of the levels or dimensions of our soul. Wind is Ruach. Ruach also means spirit and is the name of another level of our soul.
Is this a negative commandment from the Torah; thou shalt not extinguish a flame with your breath? No, blowing out a candle is not forbidden in the Torah.
Is this superstition? Do we think that blowing out a candle with our breath will lessen our soul, or lessen the spiritual light in the world? No. But it is a Jewish custom for a good reason.
We are told not to use our breath to extinguish light to remind us to use our breath to share light, to help to make the world a brighter place. Our soul, our spirit, our breath… these come into the world to spread light, not to extinguish it. In fact, we are told to be a “light unto the Nations”.[i]
[i] Isaiah 49:6

Votes1 DateJun 16, 2016

[image for World Spotlight Moshe.jpg]

Moshe Blew It!!

Gutman Locks
Moshe Blew It!
Hi Gutman,
I have a question. A non-Jewish man at my gym always talks to me about the Bible. He wants to know about the story of Moshe hitting the rock, and why it was such a big deal that Hashem got angry with him.
Can you please explain the story, what happened and why it was such a big deal that he hit the rock? Keep in mind that I want to explain it to him so to keep it in basic terms he can understand.
Gutman’s response:
A father has two sons; one is very capable, even a genius, while the other one is challenged, borderline mentally handicapped. If the challenged one makes a mistake the father can easily overlook it, but when the very capable son ignores the father's instructions the father get furious! The higher you go in your spiritual life the more is expected of you, and Moshe was the highest of all the prophets, ever.
Hashem instructed Moshe to speak to the rock to show the people that the miracle was coming straight from Hashem. Hashem’s message was supposed to be that the miraculous water came directly from Hashem, not Moshe. The Torah is likened to water. Hashem wanted the people to see that the water (the Torah) comes directly from G-d. Moshe hit the rock and the people thought that the water came from Moshe's greatness. The people needed to see Hashem as the Supreme One was giving them the water (Torah), not Moshe.

Votes1 DateMay 19, 2016

[image for World Spotlight TheLight.jpg]

The Light at the End of the Tunnel

Gutman Locks
The Light at the End of the Tunnel
Sometimes life is likened to walking through a dark tunnel in order to get to the light at the other end. I was walking through the Arab shuk (market) after davening neitz (Sunrise prayer) and this scene reminded me of that saying.
It is an interesting metaphor in that most of us do not see this world as being dark, and few of us understand what the light at the other end is supposed to be.
Some Jewish mystical writings call Hashem the “Ohr Ein Sof” (Light without end). More accurately He is called the “M’ohr Ein Sof,” (the Giver of the light without end).
Hashem creates the Universe out of light, but this light is somewhat hidden so it can be formed into the objects that we see. If the light wasn’t at least somewhat hidden we would not be able to see the objects that are being formed of it. So actually, this world is not dark, but is filled with hidden light.
Then we are told that at the end of this life our souls go before the Judge. The Judge is not light. The Judge is the Maker of the light.
So instead of calling this world a dark tunnel, maybe we should call it the passageway made of hidden light…a gorgeous opportunity when we use it right. And instead of calling it the light at the end of the tunnel we should call it the Glory that emanates from the Source of all light.
So the description of this world should be; the passageway made of hidden light that leads to the Glory that will draw our souls back up to where they originally came from.
Well, maybe the light at the end of the dark tunnel is not such a bad way of saying it after all.

Votes4 DateMay 10, 2016

[image for World Spotlight Haschagha.jpg]

Divine Providence

Gutman Locks
Hashem (The Creator) does everything, but He hides so each individual believes that he himself, or the people around him are the “doers,” but really Hashem is the Doer of all. Hashgacha pratis is when you see that Hashem is doing something.
Everything that happens to a Jew, everything he or she sees or experiences comes for a specific reason. There are no accidents. Hashem brings everything to us for a reason.
I had to go to the dentist. His office is in the ‘charedi neighborhood, Geulah. It was a week or so before Pesach. The street was full of hurrying shoppers, everyone rushing to get the things they needed for Pesach cleaning so they could get back home to finish the cleaning. I love walking there at these times. Big rolls of very thick tinfoil to cover the stoves, huge sheets of plastic to cover the tables, new pots to hold the extra Pesach dishes…on and on,… but pretty much everyone buys the same things.
I love seeing it; the little kids, the hurrying baby carriages, and then I noticed a woman run out into the street right up to a guy riding towards her on a bicycle. She held up what looked like a black flashlight and he shook his head “no” and peddled by. I wondered if she was trying to sell him something, or what was she was doing, and then I quickly forgot the incident.
A couple of minutes later I saw my dentist coming toward me on his bicycle. I yelled, “Turn around. You’re going the wrong way.” He pulled up to the curb, and holding a black U-shaped metal bar said, “I lost the bottom of my bicycle lock.”
“Oh, a woman found it and she is looking for you.”
“Where is she?”
“I don’t know now, but she was right over there looking for you.”
He peddled toward where I had seen her holding the U-shaped lock part in up that maybe she would see it, but the place was very crowded.
Ten minutes later I was waiting in his office and he walked in.
“Did you find it?”
With a big smile he said, “Yes. She gave it to me.”
Now we know why, out of the thousands of things that were happening on that street at that moment, why Hashem had me notice that woman run up to the guy on the bike and say something to him. Hashem wanted to return the lost lock part to my dentist and he had me help Him do it.
Hashgacha Pratis is when you see that Hashem is doing something. It happens everywhere all the time, but it is easier to see it in Jerusalem.

Votes2 DateApr 20, 2016

[image for World Spotlight Who is Right.jpg]

Who is Right?

Gutman Locks
Who Is Right?
One of the more frustrating questions I face is; which study is right? I have in the past taken a health supplement for several years before reading the “latest study” that showed that supplement caused pancreas cancer! (G-d forbid) Obviously, I stopped taking that supplement and took a different one…or should I take that one either? How do you know which study to listen to?
Perhaps the loudest medical argument today is about the flu vaccination; should you take it, or…, “Are you out of your mind? That vaccination has been proven to cause everything from birth defects to terminal stupidity.” It seems this is one of the most emotional arguments in the health field today.
Winter came and the question came up. I did not know who to listen to. In the morning at the Kotel I spoke with a couple of American friends about the shot. They were adamant. “No way!” Now these are two up-to-date intelligent religious guys. One of them runs a yeshiva.
I walked over and asked a well-known retired medical doctor I know; “Of course you should take it!”
I went back to the friends and told him what the doctor said. “No way! It’s dangerous.”
I went that day and took the flu shot.
A couple of days later I saw that one of the friends I spoke with did not show up for the morning davening. Not the next day either... nor the third. I thought he was on a trip. I walked over and asked the other friend who was there.
“He’s home horribly sick in bed…every bone in his body aches! Sounds like the flu to me.”
Looks like Hashem answered my question very clearly.

Votes2 DateMar 9, 2016

[image for World Spotlight Prayers.jpg]

Prayers Go To Heaven

Gutman Locks
Prayers Go to Heaven
In my video, “Should Every Jew Move to Israel”, I explained that all of our prayers from all over the world first come to the Kotel and from here they go on into Heaven.
Joshua commented, “Great Video! One correction…all prayers go to the Har Habayis (the Temple Mount) before ascending, not the Kotel…”
As often happens, there is disagreement between our sages. Apparently, the great majority of rabbinical authorities except the Rambam say that the holiness of the Temple Mount ceased either after the First Temple was destroyed or certainly after the Second Temple was destroyed.
Even though the vast majority of those sages say there is no remaining holiness on the Mount, still we say, just in case the Rambam was right, we are not to go up onto the Temple Mount until the Moshiach comes and then we will all be able to go up again.
The Kotel was not even part of the Second Temple. It was “merely” a retaining wall built to guard the Temple Mount from sliding and thereby weaken the Temple’s foundation. Today’s holiness of the Kotel is not due to its original function. A Midrash tells us that the Kotel was built with the funds gathered from poor Jews’ charity. This is why it was not destroyed with the Temple. But its special place in the spiritual world today is because the Shechina (G-d’s revelation) never leaves the Kotel. This is why our prayers come to the Kotel first and from here they proceed to Heaven.
When the Temple was standing all of our prayers came to the Temple Mount and then went on into Heaven. And when the Temple will be rebuilt (soon in our day) again our prayers will come to the Mount and from there continue on up into Heaven. Now we have the Kotel. We thank G-d for what we have, and we pray that He will soon bring the Temple.
Gutman Locks

Votes1 DateFeb 8, 2016

[image for World Spotlight Alyah.jpg]

Should Every Jew Move to Israel

Gutman Locks
Has the time come for all Jews from all over the World to come home? Is the promised Redemption really happening now?

Votes1 DateJan 31, 2016

[image for World Spotlight GutmanH.jpg]

Gutman’s Story Goes to Hollywood

Gutman Locks
Ynet News did a video of my spiritual journey. The footage they found to illustrate the story is outrageous. It is always embarrassing to see what I had to go though to get here, but the lives the video will help far outweigh the embarrassment…at least that’s what they keep telling me.
Gutman's Story Goes to Hollywood

Votes4 DateJan 22, 2016

[image for World Spotlight Gutman5.png]


Gutman Locks
Every year a class of some 15 to 20 special friends stop by for breakfast. You cannot tell it by looking at them but they are called special because they need extra help when it comes to learning and doing certain chores.
When you stop and think about it, everyone is special in some way. Maybe it’s not so obvious with most of us, but if we could see inside each other we would see that everyone needs some kind of special help. It’s easier to see the need with my friends so we are quicker to help them, but what they really show us is that we have to look harder at all of the people we meet so we will be able to see what special help they need, too.
Gutman Locks
Old City, Jerusalem

Votes5 DateJan 15, 2016

[image for World Spotlight Gutman World.jpg]

Change the World?

Gutman Locks
Change the World?
A friend spent a lot of time and money to launch a sophisticated website dedicated to doing good in the world. It is called Blupela or One World Blue. He asked me; “What you would do to heal or change the world.”
Gutman’s immediate response:
As a practical answer:
First; each individual must count the good things that they have in their lives and stop focusing on the negative things. There will always be both good and bad in everyone’s life. Whichever you focus on will determine your mental state, your outlook, and that will greatly influence the way you treat others.
Next, know that we are all on a journey, a journey that goes on past this life in this world. This world is where we create our portions in the next world. Pack your bags carefully.

Votes4 DateJan 10, 2016

[image for World Spotlight Gutman4.jpg]

What’s It All About?

Gutman Locks
What’s It All About?
It is easy to see that this little guy hasn’t figured out a lot things about life yet, but he does know the most important things; like, Mommy and Daddy, and hugs and lunch.
When we get older and become grey we look back on our lives and see that we were like this little guy too, not just for the first few years of our life either, but for almost all of it. We thought we knew what we were doing, we thought we knew what we wanted, and then, thank G-d, before it was too late we realized there is more to life than just what meets the eye, and the pocket. Oy, I wish I would have known it sooner.

Votes2 DateDec 31, 2015

[image for World Spotlight Gutman3.jpg]

It is Not Good for Man to Be Alone

Gutman Locks
It is Not Good for Man to Be Alone[i]
So Hashem G-d cast a deep sleep upon the man and he slept; and He took one of his sides and He filled in flesh in its place. Then Hashem G-d fashioned the side that He had taken from the man into a woman, and He brought her to the man.”[ii]
Just like did G-d put man in the Garden then so does He put man in the Garden now.[iii]
[i] Genesis 2:18
[ii] Genesis 2:21
[iii] Zohar 27a

Votes1 DateDec 28, 2015

[image for World Spotlight Gutman2.png]

One Light

Gutman Locks
In Honor of the Great Festival of Chanukah that we have recently observed, this will be the first post of my teachings here on this network. I hope it will be an inspiration to all who see it.
Please visit my site at the links below.
Many Blessings from the Old City of Jerusalem
One Light
Why is the blessing on lighting the Chanukah lamps singular? “Blessed …..Who has commanded us to light the Chanukah Light,” but don’t we light many lights on Chanukah? Each night we add another light…. Or do we?
No. Each night we add another cup of oil, another wick, another flame, but still there is always just one light.
When the light coming from the Sun bounces off the water there are many reflections, but no matter how many reflections there are, the light that forms them is always one.
When there are many Chanukah wicks burning there are many flames, but the light they produce is always one. Each time we add another flame the one light just gets brighter and brighter.
In the example of the sunlight there is a single sunlight that fills and forms those many reflections, and even though the reflections are many their light remains a single light. Unlike this, the light that comes from the Menorah’s flames comes from many flames, yet their light merges and forms a single light that fills the room.
In this way light reminds us of Hashem. Hashem is all. Before creation there was not even light, then Hashem put forth light which went on to fill and be formed into all. The original light and the light after creation that fills and surrounds all is still just a single one light.
http://www.thereisone.com/thereisone-small.gif (Light vs. Reflections)

Votes2 DateDec 28, 2015

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[image for Planet Spotlight Everyone loves to Dance.png]

Everyone Loves to Dance

Gutman Locks
Everyone Loves to Dance

Votes1 DateMar 1, 2016

[image for Planet Spotlight Bunny.jpg]
Domestic Animals

Bunny Talk

Gutman Locks
Bunny Talk
A bunny spoke to me. I know this sounds totally nuts, but it really happened.
My neighbor’s kids have a very small bunny rabbit for a pet. I almost never see it but the kids often leave their door open and the bunny likes to run out into our tiny courtyard to nibble on the green leaves in the potted plants. The few times it would see me it would always run and hide behind one of the plants. But this cold morning it hopped out from between the plants and came right up to me.
I reached down and scratched it behind its ears like animals always like, but it ran a few feet away towards the neighbor’s door.
I thought that was strange. Animals always like it when you scratch them someplace that they cannot reach. Then it ran back to me. I thought, “Ah, you do want to be scratched,” so I reached down and scratched it again, but it ran away again! “What’s going on?”
Then I saw that the neighbor’s door was closed. I walked over and knocked loudly, and the neighbor’s little girl answered the door. As soon as she opened the door the bunny happily ran up to her. She bent over and picked up her pet and smiling they both went into the warm apartment.
Ha! The bunny was locked out and cold and had to get me to open the door for it. Pretty smart rabbit.

Votes2 DateDec 29, 2015

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Middle East

Why Be Happy

Gutman Locks
When doing a mitzvah it is essential to be happy. If we do not experience joy when we are serving Hashem our service will, G-d forbid, become a burden.
All the more so, when we are trying to help other Jews to fulfill their spiritual purpose do we have to do it in such a way that brings them joy. Joy endears the mitzvahs to them and this will bring them to do another mitzvah.
This is not referring to the joy of telling them jokes or giving them cookies. When we show them how a mitzvah opens the Gate to Heaven, that fulfilling a mitzvah produces a time of favor and since they listened to Hashem and did what He said, now He is going to listen to what they say and then showing them how to open their hearts by speaking intimately to Hashem all this brings a spiritual awareness and satisfaction, and this satisfaction brings a unique joy.
Mitzvahs are tools that we have been given that allow us to accomplish something unique in creation. In this entire, huge Universe only a tiny human being can choose to serve G-d.

Votes1 DateJun 30, 2016

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Middle East

Why Wear Fringes?

Gutman Locks
Why are Jewish men commanded to wear fringes on their garments?

Votes1 DateJun 6, 2016

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