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Blupela.com, One World Blue, LLC Terms of Use

The following Terms of Use regulate the use of Blupela. By using the Website you agree to accept the stated terms and conditions as well as those permitted by law.

The terms and conditions may be revised or amended as required and necessary. The brand name of the site is Blupela.com. The corporation is One World Blue, LLC, and was founded in 2005 and is currently based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. As noted herein throughout our terms and conditions, promotional materials, advertisements, and literature any mention of the name Blupela also denotes One World Blue, LLC. Blupela will publish any changes in a timely manner prominently noted on our site.


Blupela, The One World Blue Good Network is a unique online network for interaction of various people and entities to exchange thoughts, ideas, contributions and encouragement for cultural and common interests built around the concept of doing good for others and the world at-large. Primarily a place to create relationships and bonds for different goals, Blupela, The One World Blue Good Network is a comprehensive and interactive social network platform to achieve the communication of those interests as offered by us as well as our users. It is a place to see good, share good and do good. It is also known and branded as The Social Network for Social and Planetary Healing for our mission is to create a better world and one in which we can all be proud of who we are and feel safe and secure. We believe in equality for all human beings and we stand for and support the appreciation and acceptance of cultural diversity.

Our mission and positioning statements are thus:

Any contributions exchanged by participants of the sites of Blupela are between the parties involved. Blupela.com is not directly engaged in any contributions voluntarily exchanged between parties for any initiatives. One World Blue, LLC is not liable for any initiatives, content or solicitation by any participant of the site. We cannot warranty the actual persona of any participant or any comments posted.


One World Blue, LLC hereby grants you a limited, non-exclusive license to create initiatives and use our service in accordance with the terms of the site Blupela.com. One World Blue, LLC reserves the right to revoke this license at any time.


This service is to be used for the sharing and promotion of peace, harmony, understanding, cultural exchange, education and initiatives for good causes.


This service is not to promote:

Or cause:

Any of the above will allow for the termination of service for the violator(s) and appropriate legal action.


To cover the ongoing expenses and financial needs of Blupela.com, the fee is 1.0% of the initiative total plus the 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction for the credit card processing. Also, the minimum processing fee assessed by Blupela for the transaction is $0.50, in addition to the credit card processing fee. There is no fee for participating in any other aspects of Blupela.com or other components of our network. One World Blue, LLC reserves the right to change or update our fee structure and/or model at any time.


All monies collected for initiatives will be funded through our payment processor which is WePay, www.wepay.com, The payment is pursuant upon the proper Tax-ID number or EIN for non-profits and social security or Tax-ID numbers for individuals or for-profits that are to be on file by WePay. We reserve the right to postpone payment if any irregularities or other suspicious activities are determined by Blupela and/or WePay. As monies are denominated in US dollars, Blupela, One World Blue, LLC, is not responsible for any exchange rate changes during the period of funding. There is also a 1% + $0.30 fee for bank payments charged by WePay. Also, a U.S. bank account by the user is required by WePay to transfer funds.

Professional Spotlights, Crowdfunding Pages and Videography Productions

One World Blue, LLC offers the service to our users of creating curated and professional Spotlights and/or Crowdfunding Pages. We also offer the service of creating and producing video productions, commercials and/or infomercials. Any user may access this software to also create their own Spotlights and/or Crowdfunding Pages at no charge and of their own accord. Any fees associated with the production of any content or videography to be used on the network of Blupela.com are for the professional services of the work being rendered.


Any taxes that become due and owing pertaining to any given initiatives shall be the sole responsibility of the recipient of the funds. One World Blue, LLC is not responsible or obligated for the payment or determination of the legality of any taxes assessed. However, we may report any initiative income to the proper taxing authorities as required by law. It is the responsibility of the recipient to advise the donor on any amount given and any required tax letter.


All intellectual content on this site, including, but not limited to, proprietary information, systems, photographs, published material, logos, images, software, technical advances and any other submissions or its contents are strictly the property of One World Blue, LLC. No permitted use is granted without One World Blue, LLC giving written permission and explicit agreement in written form.


One World Blue, LLC and its officers and employees are not liable for direct, indirect, consequential, punitive, exemplary or other damages that may arise by use of services used/accessed on Blupela.com. Additionally, One World Blue, LLC accepts no liability for any entity’s inability to access Blupela.com.


Any user of this site agrees to defend, indemnify and hold harmless One World Blue, LLC its stockholders, officers, employees, contractors and any representatives from and against any and all claim, liabilities, expenses, damages, legal costs, or related that arise from any user’s negligence or violation of terms of service. The user or anyone using their account agrees to assist and cooperate with Blupela.com, One World Blue, LLC, in the defense of any legal matter that should arise.


Should you access Blupela.com from outside the United States, you agree to abide by all applicable law pertaining to your country’s or territory’s laws in reference to given compliance.


These “Terms Of Use” shall be solely governed by the laws of the jurisdiction of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and The United States of America. Any dispute arising between the user or others and Blupela.com, One World Blue, LLC shall be decided exclusively by a State or Federal Court located in Allegheny County in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

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