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Upon your use of Blupela.com and setting up and exercising your user account, Blupela/One World Blue, LLC will collect certain information to usefully process your account and offer you the finest services and encounters we are able. Additionally, it allows the site to monitor for misuse as well as other legal and valid purposes. The demographic data that we collect may be used to tailor ads to each individual user. Your use on Blupela.com will also be tracked by our internal software as well as Google Analytics and by the use of our site, you give us permission to do so. Your address will be exchanged and/or available between donor and recipient of any given initiative when you use the crowdfunding services and component of the site, unless acting as the donor to an initiative and donating by choice anonymously. You have the right to opt-out by emailing userservices@Blupela.com and requesting to be opted-out.

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