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Create an Initiative

Do you see a problem that can be solved? Do you have an idea for a project? Get the help you need from our community, and create an Initiative!

Create an Initiative!

Fund an Initiative

There are a lot of projects that can use your help. Whether it's funding or items in need, every bit goes a long way. What are you waiting for?

Start looking for initiatives!

Create a Light on the World Spotlight

Want to shine a light on someone who is making an impact? Is something going on that everyone should know about? Do you want to shed light on an issue and rally others to stand and unite with you. Share the story by creating a Light on the World spotlight!

Create a Light on the World Spotlight!

Create a Planet Sanctuary Spotlight

Planet Sanctuary celebrating the animal and wildlife Kingdom, the beauty of our planet and highlighting endangered species and habitats in need of preservation and protection.

Create a Planet Sanctuary Spotlight!

Create a Light of Culture Spotlight

Differences are meant to be celebrated and shared and highlighted as the beauty that makes the world spin around. Each of us and our cultures are different and unique. Please join Blupela in celebrating the uniqueness of your life and heritage by sharing it as a spotlight on Light of Culture.

Create a Light of Culture Spotlight and show the creativity of your people to the world. It can be a photo or video of anything that represents who you are and who you see yourself to be within your communities and cultural background. Art, music, dance, food, clothing, worship, sports, anything that is unique to YOU!

Create a Light of Culture Spotlight!
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