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This World Spotlight was created on Dec 28, 2015 @ 01:57:13 am

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Teachers One Light

In Honor of the Great Festival of Chanukah that we have recently observed, this will be the first post of my teachings here on this network. I hope it will be an inspiration to all who see it.
Please visit my site at the links below.

Many Blessings from the Old City of Jerusalem


Gutman at Tefillin Stand.jpg

One Light

Why is the blessing on lighting the Chanukah lamps singular? “Blessed …..Who has commanded us to light the Chanukah Light,” but don’t we light many lights on Chanukah? Each night we add another light…. Or do we?

No. Each night we add another cup of oil, another wick, another flame, but still there is always just one light.

When the light coming from the Sun bounces off the water there are many reflections, but no matter how many reflections there are, the light that forms them is always one.

When there are many Chanukah wicks burning there are many flames, but the light they produce is always one. Each time we add another flame the one light just gets brighter and brighter.

In the example of the sunlight there is a single sunlight that fills and forms those many reflections, and even though the reflections are many their light remains a single light. Unlike this, the light that comes from the Menorah’s flames comes from many flames, yet their light merges and forms a single light that fills the room.

In this way light reminds us of Hashem. Hashem is all. Before creation there was not even light, then Hashem put forth light which went on to fill and be formed into all. The original light and the light after creation that fills and surrounds all is still just a single one light.


http://www.thereisone.com/thereisone-small.gif (Light vs. Reflections)

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