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This World Spotlight was created on Mar 2, 2016 @ 03:08:11 am

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Freedom Saba was shot


End "Honour" Killings in Pakistan

Saba was shot in the face, put in a bag and thrown in a river in Pakistan by her father and uncle at age 19. The reason? She wanted to marry for love.
Amazingly, she survived. However, though her attackers were arrested and she got legal and medical assistance, her father and uncle walked free because she was pressured to ‘forgive’ them as is currently allowed by the law. Saba’s powerful story is told in Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy’s Academy Award-winning film, A Girl in the River: The Price of Forgiveness.
Every year over a thousand women are killed in the name of 'honour' in Pakistan - shot, strangled, burned, and stoned. Wives, daughters and mothers are being killed on mere suspicions or on false accusations for the most trivial of matters. But many of the men that perpetrate these crimes go unpunished because the law in Pakistan currently allows victims or their families to ‘forgive’ the perpetrator. A surviving victim typically faces intense pressure to 'forgive,' and if she is killed (the majority of cases), her family has the right to forgive on her behalf. So when a father kills his daughter, his wife can forgive him and when a brother kills his sister, his parents can forgive him. In essence, this means that there is impunity for perpetrators of such heinous crimes, and therefore #honourkillings continue every year.
Please sign this petition to end impunity for #honourkillings in Pakistan.
It’s urgent. In the first week of March, proposed amendments to Pakistan's Penal Code which would end impunity for perpetrators of 'honour' crimes are expected to be presented to Parliament by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. We are partnering with international human rights organization, Equality Now, to call on the government to pass a law that ensures that these crimes are prosecuted with no possibility of compromise by the family of the victim or the court.
Would you help? Sign and share this petition and help women and girls in Pakistan fight #honourcrimes.
Letter to
Prime Minister Nawaz sharif
Every year, more than 1000 women’s and girls’ lives are violently cut short in the name of “honour” in Pakistan, and because of a loophole in legislation, the killers walk free.

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The Price of Forgiveness with Equality Now started this petition with a single signature, and now has 27,698 supporters. Start a petition today to change something you care about.

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