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This Culture Spotlight was created on Jul 4, 2016 @ 07:53:38 pm

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North America Patriotism in the United States

July 4 Patriotism image.jpg

Today I attended a special musical celebration in my town honoring Independence Day in the United States, otherwise known as Fourth of July. What I experienced was phenomenal. Individuals from all walks of life, ages, religions and political beliefs were attending an event that was fun, orderly, appreciative and symbolic of what this wonderful country is all about. People coming together to listen and participate in the songs of the United States' various military services,patriotic hymns and nostalgic ditties signified the great love most US citizens hold for our country.

Much of the news is filled with controversy, disasters and crime stories. Included in today's presentation was allotted time to describe a non-profit benefienciary agency of the event as well as remembering to keep in our prayers those who experienced flooding and loss of home and loved ones in southern West Virginia 3 weeks ago.

In cities and towns through out the United States, today was a day of special celebration for the freedom, prosperity, opportunity and extraordinary blessing that The Almighty has bestowed upon us during the last 240 years.

Remember to appreciate what this country or any country in which you reside gives you the postive abilities and opportunities to live and succeed.
We,as citizens of one of the most fortunate of countries, have the opportunity to reflect on our place in this world.

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