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This Culture Spotlight was created on Nov 15, 2015 @ 10:38:36 pm

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North America West Virginia, A Proud People

West Virginia entry picture.jpg

West Virginia has been my family's home for 4 generations. Our state has beautiful landscape and resources as well as a culture of pride. We are the only state in the history of the United States to have been created out of another state. This relates to the rich history of the Civil War, a major skirmish that nearly torn apart the great country that the value of U.S. has come to stand for.
My city of Wheeling, WV is the only city in this country to have served as the capital of 2 different states(within a years). We were known as the gateway to the West and our Suspension Bridge is the 2nd longest of its style in the world(after the Brooklyn Bridge). In fact, the City of Pittsburgh sued the City of Wheeling in the United States Supreme Court in the 1870s to try to keep the bridge from being build so travelers would need to cross the river at Pittsburgh instead. In 1900, due to the commerce of the city, there were more millionaires here per capita than anywhere else in the country.
The State of West Virginia is a large state geographically while spread in population. We have no city over 80,000 residents, giving us a small town, friendly atmosphere throughout. There are many festivals, community events, very clean state parks, and many other nice, safe and laid-back recreational opportunities. While the state has a low average income, the cost to live and do business here is very reasonable and inexpensive. The residents are helpful, geniune and look out for each other.
You can not find a better place to live or visit.
I highly recommend everyone investigate the opportunities of West Virginia for your next vacation or career move.
One possible link is: http://www.westvirginia.com/wonders/culture.cfm

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