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This Initiative was created on Oct 15, 2018 @ 12:43:39 pm

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From the Heart


Incentives: 2 / Unlimited

Monthly Email Campaign reblast


Incentives: 0 / Unlimited

Monthly Email Campaign Reblast for 2 x in the month


Incentives: 1 / Unlimited

1 Hour Graphic Design Work


Incentives: 0 / Unlimited

Custom Email Campaign Design ( Includes 2 email blasts for the month)


Incentives: 1 / Unlimited

Down Payment for Brochure Design


Incentives: 1 / Unlimited

Custom Design of Fundraising Email Campaign with Wepay integration set up


Incentives: 0 / Unlimited

2 hours Graphic Design Work


Incentives: 0 / Unlimited

Social Media Push to 50,000 viewers


Incentives: 0 / Unlimited

3 Hours Graphic Design Work


Incentives: 0 / Unlimited

Social Media Push to 100,000 Viewers


Incentives: 0 / Unlimited

Photo Shoot


Incentives: 0 / Unlimited

Book Publishing and Services Cost for 200 pages or less


Incentives: 0 / Unlimited

Book Publishing Cost and Services for 200 to 400 pages

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Technology and Innovation One World Blue Graphic Designs and Marketing

humla_poster (1).jpg

One World Blue Graphic Design Department

Specializing in Graphic Designs for your organization or business

Designs for promotional items
Logo Design
Website Design

Graphic Design Rate is $75 per hour. Minimum commitment of 2 hours of work per project.

One World Blue Media Press Will Publish Your Book:

Book Publishing Cost:

$2500 for book with 200 or less pages

$3500 for book with 200 to 400 pages

All costs include:

Proofing/Editing (15 hours Max. Additional Editing Time may be purchased)
Publishing under One World Blue Media
Printing Books on Demand Service
Digital E-book Publishing for Digital Download
Professional Spotlight on One World Blue Network with a Journalist Interview
Campaign to sell and take orders online for the book
For Hard or Soft Copy of Books in Quantity prices vary (minimun order is 250 books)

Examples of our Work include:







blupela_radiotaboo_postcard_2 (1).jpg



Embroidered Polo Shirts and Hats

Embroidered Shirt and Hat Package.png

Logo Design

Blupela in Nepal.jpg





Website Graphics


To discuss a project or request a quote please call our office at 412 690 5530 or email us at


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