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This World Spotlight was created on Dec 18, 2014 @ 08:50:24 pm

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Healing Dr Paul Sullivan


Paul Sullivan RPh. P.N.
Paul Sullivan has 35 years of healthcare experience as a Pharmacist, Hospital Pharmacy Innovator, Speaker, Writer and Educator on health and pharmacy issues; health product formulator and leader in Pharmaco-Nutrition Clinical Care.
The combination of his Pharmacy, Biology and Chemistry education has helped him enjoy an outstanding career as a healthcare product formulator in both the retail and integrative medical community. While most of his experience is in nutritional products, he has developed other products for the dental and skin care professions. The majority of Paul’s practice has concentrated on tablets and capsules; his expertise is expansive including not only the formulation but also managing the manufacturing production for protein bars and meal replacement shakes, oral strips, soft gels and liquids totaling nearly 400 products.
He has consulted in the health product development process for such companies as McKesson Robbins Drug Company, Amerisource Bergen Drug Company, Cure Pharmaceuticals, Murad Skin Care, ProHealth, Zig Ziglar, Nico Worldwide, HealthSport, Fitness Today, Walgreen Drug Company and Innozen.
Paul has been a consultant to Bastyr University for Continuing Education for Pharmacists, a Continuing Education lecturer and presenter for Physicians, Registered Nurses and Skilled Nursing Home Providers as well as the Health Insurance Industry on Drug-Nutrient Interactions, Drug Induced Nutrient Depletion and Herbal Medicine.
His leadership in the evolving science of Pharmaco-Nutrition is evident by his development of 3 different comprehensive software programs that deal with the critical issues of drug-nutrient interaction and drug induced nutrient depletion. These programs integrate the “Best of Nutrition” with the “Best of Pharmacy” and help the physician or pharmacist maximize both the efficacy and the safety of both specialties in their clinical practice.
Paul’s innovation in Hospital Pharmacy was in the area of Unit Dose Pharmaceutical Delivery Systems in Hospitals and the significant reduction in patient medication errors from 16% to 1.5%. This was accomplished by design changes in pharmaceutical packeting, medicine delivery systems and rigorous training of nursing staffs.
Utilizing his life experiences noted above he combined his Pharmacy, Nutrition, Hospital, Formulation and Manufacturing experience to found ChronoHealth LLC along with MedImpact (a $6 Billion Pharmaceutical Benefits Managers) and the ChronoMed Brand.
The ChronoMed Advanced Custom Nutrition System combines:
A personalized science based health assessment that screens out drug-nutrient interactions, identifies and replaces nutrients depleted by drugs and adds nutrients that help drugs work better
A customized patient packet delivery system using advanced nutritional formulas delivered directly to the patient’s home.
The combined system is not only innovative for the U.S. but for the International Market as well benefiting the patient by maximizing both safety and convenience.
Paul and his wife Karen live in Santa Barbara, California.

http://beta.e6energy.com/paul-sullivan-rph-p-n/. Retrieved on 12/18/14

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