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This World Spotlight was created on Jul 4, 2017 @ 02:24:13 pm

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Teachers Geshe Yangton Lama Tashi Gyaltsen


Geshe Yangtön Lama Tashi Gyaltsen Rinpoche is a descendent of the esteemed Yangtön lineage whose history is closely interwoven with the history of Yungdrung Bön itself. It is said that two of Lord Tonpa Shenrap’s direct disciples were Yangtön lamas. Geshe Yangton Tashi Gyaltsen Rinpoche was the first member of the Yangtön lineage to receive a Geshe degree in 1986. He is also the abbot of the Yangtön monastery, Yanggon Tongdrol Phuntsok Ling, in his high-altitude home village of Tsarka in Upper Dolpo, Nepal. Geshe Yangton travels internationally to give teachings and empowerments.

Holder of the profound Yangton lineage which traces its ancestry back to Yangton Sherab Gyaltsen in the 11th century

Chang Bu Gyatsa Chod Healing Prayer Ritual

With Geshe Yangton Lama Tashi Gyaltsen and Tempa Dukte Lama

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Sunday July 9, 2017, 10am-1pm

Olmo Ling Bon Center & Institute, 1101 Greenfield Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15217
Please join us to experience the healing power of the Chang Bu Gyatsa prayer ritual. Bon lamas Geshe Yangton Lama Tashi Gyaltsen and Tempa Dukte Lama will perform this special healing prayer for the benefit of our community. The Chang Bu Gyatsa prayer ritual opens the possibility of deep healing of our body, mind, and soul. The ritual has the power to clear karmic obscurations that restrict our happiness, prosperity, health and longevity, or that lead to misfortune and difficulties in our family relationships.

We human beings are constantly affected by changes in our lives, difficult relationships, illness, pain and suffering. If we cannot find a way to deal with these difficulties, we may develop fear and anxiety. The Chang Bu Gyatsa ritual prayer opens up the possibility of clearing the underlying karma so that we may experience happiness and healing. It can heal difficult physical or mental conditions that may not respond to medical treatment as expected. Sometimes our karmic conditions cause a hindrance to treatment or force us to make wrong choices that may worsen our situation instead of leading to healing. In such cases the power of ritual prayer can help find balance and open the way to new possibilities of healing, joy, and prosperity. Moreover, the Chang Bu Gyatsa ritual supports us in reconnecting with our true nature of purity and joy.

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