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This Culture Spotlight was created on Jul 1, 2015 @ 10:02:36 am

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Asia Fengshui


Feng Shui4.png
Feng Shui5.jpg

Feng Shui and how its helpful?

By Pandit Rahul Kaushal


It may be a new for those who have never heard about it and very symbolic for those who knew about it. Feng Shui is an important Chinese science that has gained importance due to its popularity in recent years and rather due to its positive results to people.

Actually every object or picture is related with some meaning or with some symbols. The Chinese people believe in looking at objects with their hidden meanings. According to them these objects and pictures are the conveyors of good luck or bad luck. The Chinese people traditionally use a large number of symbols in their house. These symbols and objects are good for providing good luck for Health, Success, Marriage, Good relationships, Good business, and Wealth too.

Various Feng Shui symbols for Good Luck

In symbolic Feng Shui, there are certain dimensions which are considered to be good for bringing healthy luck whereas, certain dimensions are believed to bring Bad luck to you also. If we see in case of furniture, it also bring good luck chi to you with its lucky and unlucky dimensions. The table, chair, cupboard, etc, can be measured with Feng Shui ruler specially made for these. The Feng Shui ruler has eight cycles of dimensions out of which four are auspicious and four are inauspicious. The measure of each cycle is equal to 17 inches or 43cms and further each cycle is divided into eight portions. The cycles of auspicious and inauspicious dimensions repeats itself over and over to infinity. These dimensions proved very beneficial in every case.

Feng Shui2.jpg

The four auspicious Dimensions

  1. Chai- This is the first portion of the cycle and is divided into four categories of good luck. The dimension is between 0 inches to 2 1/8 inches or 5.4 cms. The first half inch brings money, the second brings jewels, and the third brings six types of good luck, and fourth brings abundance.

  2. Yi- this is the fourth portion of the cycle and it brings good luck by bringing helpful people in life. This is also divided into four categories. The dimension is between 6 3/8 inches and 8 ½ inches or in cms it's between 16.2 cms to 21.5 cms. The first ½ inch brings good children luck, the second brings unexpected income, the third predicts successful son, and the fourth brings excellent good fortune.

  3. Kwan- this is the fifth section of cycle and brings power luck. The dimension is between 8 ½ inches and 10 5/8 inches or in cms between 21.5 cms to 27 cms. The first ½ inches brings good luck in exams, the second brings special luck, the third improves income and the fourth brings laurels for the family.

  4. Pun- this dimension is between 14 7/8 to 17 inches or 37.5 cms to 43.2 cms. The first section increases money flow, the second brings examination luck, third brings jewels and fourth brings prosperity.

Feng Shui1.jpg

About the Author
Pandit Rahul Kaushal

Pandit Rahul Kaushal is Celebrity Astrologer and vastu consultant from india and he serves via his site Pandit.com


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